Video: Are You Getting Vulnerable to Grow?

Are You Getting Vulnerable to Grow?


This is one of my favorite stories to tell because every time I start to feel this way I know it’s time to grow! If you don’t know or have never been told about the life of the lobster or how it knows when to grow let me share it with you.

A lobster will continuously grow and grow and grow until it’s completely packed into it’s own shell. The lobster then knows it’s time to grow when it gets completely unbearably uncomfortable.

The only way the lobster can then grow is by shedding it’s entire shell leaving it very, very, very vulnerable. What ends up happening is that the lobster then goes underneath rocks away from predators in a very vulnerable state so that it can regrow a whole new shell.

My question to you is… Are You Getting Vulnerable to Grow?  Because this is when we know when it’s time to grow.

The magic happens outside your comfort zone and you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

When we stay in those places of “safety” we stay in places of playing small. Most of us including myself have stayed in places of “safety” based on the fact that it’s easier to stay in the suffering we already know than what “potential” suffering is on the other side.

Even though 99% of the time what’s on the other side is better for us.

I want to encourage you to shed your shell become vulnerable and get comfortable with being uncomfortable because I can promise you what’s on the other side is EXACTLY what you want.

Especially if you have a BIG vision then you will have to shed your shell over and over many times. In order for you to get where you are going you are going to have to learn many skill sets, break through barriers and fall down a few times to get back up stronger, more determined and more educated.

I can guarantee though if you stick to that vision and you commit and don’t give up, The Law of Attraction WILL give you what you want.

I Hope You Enjoy!

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