Video: Success Is In The Cards

Success Is In The Cards


I have been in the Online Marketing Space for about four years now, I have seen a lot of ups and I have seen a lot of downs and then more downs followed by more ups. This is the cycle of the Entrepreneur.

When we have a new idea or a business opportunity and especially one we think is brilliant it never comes in with any flaws. It is perfect and pristine and has that new car smell right out the box.

We have a a vision already in our heads that’s going a mile a minute of where this idea is going to take us and a larger than life confidence. It’s that getting dressed up, wearing our new perfume and showing off that new cut kinda confidence.

We start messaging our friends and mapping out all the details of this idea.

What happens though is we get so caught up on how we THINK it is gonna go versus how it actually goes.

So Today I want to talk about how Success Is In The Cards.

First off, and this is FACT….The longest distance between point A and point B is…

How we THINK it is gonna happen and how it ACTUALLY happens.

See I used to think success was a green grass versus my grass kind of deal. I always thought the people who were better connected, had better communication skills, born into the better family and so on, were just born with a green grass pasture.

What I started to realize though was life happens for us not to us. The grass is in fact greener on the other side because they have better filtration of their thoughts and added nutrients to their mind.

After that I started to think that success was like stairs, that whole ‘You gotta take the stairs there is no elevator!’ Pinterest quote kind of thing.

Then what I found was when you get to the top of the stairs you then turn around to climb another set of stairs so you start out at the bottom and work your way up again.

Then I thought ‘Will I ever get off these stairs and get to the view at the top of the Highrise?

It wasn’t until I then realized success is actually like floor levels to a Skyscraper and your success depends on how many stairs you want to climb. The more you dive deeper into mindset, new habits, investing in you, being persistent and having perseverance the higher you’ll go.

The first floor you will ever have to work on though is Your Foundation. In order to go out there and be the Influencer you want to be, you have to be the BEST version of you possible.

Watch the video above where I literally show you how your success is like shuffling a deck of cards and how to build that foundation strong so you can stop getting frustrated and start making YOUR Impact.

I Hope You Enjoy!

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