Video: Are You Resourceful Or Are You Making Excuses?

Are You Resourceful Or Are You Making Excuses?


This is where you really need to Just Get Real with yourself and answer this truthfully.

Before I jump in I want to let you know there is a clear distinction between two types of mindsets.

There is a Broke Mindset and then there is a Lack of Physical Money Mindset. A Broke Mindset is when you don’t invest in yourself for whatever reason. For me and already struggling with funds when I saw the price of a course I never saw the dollar amount.

As a mom with two littles all I saw in my mind’s eye was X amount of diapers, X amount of baby food, X amount of baby clothes or this was the equivalent of this bill.

So today I want to talk about Are You Resourceful Or Are You Making Excuses?

First though I just have to say that I had to really get over putting everyone else first.

This was a huge lesson for me to learn since I have always and will always be giving. The trick to all of this is that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Learn to put your oxygen mask on first. and fill your cup up first.

(Which I also talk a lot about in later posts.)

So now on to the other side of this and The Lack of Physical Money Mindset. What does this mean exactly?

It means that you now are looking at courses or coaches because you know that an investment in you is ALWAYS a good investment. However you just don’t have the funds physically available to you or there are funds but you gotta pay rent. Priorities right?

So let’s jump into how you can be resourceful when you don’t have the funds but are working towards it. The best thing you can now be resourceful with is your Time!

When I was getting started we were scraping by from the Free section on Craigslist. I was bundling the babies up and running all over town picking things up from people giving away things for free.

Now to be clear I never took things that were unethical in my mind or things I knew others really needed or could use. Most of the time though it was a win win situation for everyone involved. I got really good stuff from the wealthier neighborhoods or gently used stuff sitting outside apartment dumpsters. Sometimes I would have to clean things up but usually within hours I had these items posted back up on Offer Up or Facebook Marketplace.

Let me share with you some other ways I used to be resourceful that you can use as well.

Time once again will always be a resource you have regardless of your financial situation.

One of the biggest ways I was resourceful with my time was with Youtube & Google “University.”

Meaning ANYTHING you want to learn or know is on the internet…I’m not even kidding here. I didn’t have the thousands of dollars to pour into a website but I had remembered years prior learning some HTML on Google to “Pimp out my Myspace page.”

So there I was building a website from scratch using the power of the internet. It also didn’t look so bad and I was pretty impressed with how resourceful I was.

Another way to be resourceful is to look around and see what you can sell.

Now I have to say dig deep and really look around at what you have that will get you ahead versus what you’re willing to part with. Think about you and your future and how far this temporary setback will actually put you ahead.

I know you can dig deeper because you ARE WORTH IT!

Watch the video above where I personally share more of how I put myself first and ways I had to dig really deep into my resourcefulness.

I Hope You Enjoy!

Just Get Real!

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