Video: What Does Abundance Really Look Like?

What Does Abundance Really Look Like?


If you are an 80’s baby like me then you most likely remember the show Duck Tales and the movie The Goonies.

When I started learning about abundance all I could ever picture was the opening scene where Scrooge McDuck dives into his giant money vault or the ending scene when The Goonies find the long lost treasure.

That seriously is how I pictured abundance. Just having way more money than you ever could use or all the rubies, emeralds and gold medallions for days!

The point is this, ever since I started working on me and going down this deep dive of personal development my views have shifted in a huge way. So today I wanted to talk to you about… ‘What does abundance really look like ?’

I’m gonna tell you first off it doesn’t look anything like discovering buried treasure nor does it just happen overnight.

However if are consistent with giving what you can then The Universe WILL make sure you are never left without.

The first time I REALLY discovered what abundance was when I was taking my youngest son Rudy to school. We were blessed to have him in Headstart, but did not have a vehicle since I had sold it to start my business a few years prior.

Here in Portland we have amazing public transportation but the problem was that the two lane road in front of the school was VERY, VERY, VERY busy. Since Headstart is ran and operated differently than Public School they did not have the funds for a crosswalk outside the school.

Every day I had severe anxiety crossing that road and felt like it was a game of Frogger getting a 3 year old across safely when BOTH sides of the road were clear.

Here is where the real story starts…

We quickly became regulars and friends with the bus driver who just happened to start her shift at the same time we got on. I’ll never forget the day she really showed me what abundance was.

She had been driving us for a few weeks now and sometimes she’d be on the earlier bus that would be passing the other direction and saw our struggle.

One day while riding the bus to school she out of the blue goes…’Hold on just a minute!’ As we slowed to a complete stop.

I’m standing there wondering why she hasn’t opened the doors to let us off and the next thing I know, she pulls the bus across BOTH lanes of the road!

She then goes “You will never again have to worry about getting your boys across.”

Let me tell you something, nothing makes you feel more like a Rockstar than when someone not only loves on you but loves on your kid so much so to block an entire busy road so you can be safe!

That was the moment it really hit me.

THIS IS WHAT ABUNDANCE TRULY IS! When your cup runneth over so much so that your heart literally wants to explode because it doesn’t know if it can hold all of this Gratitude you have.

When you are SO grateful that tears or “GRATITEARS” just start streaming down your face.
(I’m literally crying Gratitears as I’m writing this part BTW!)

It’s not when you have the millions, thousands or hundreds of followers on Social Media or when you find the buried treasure.

Abundance is when you are serving on such a level that The Universe has your back wherever, whenever, however and whatever way you need it most.

Since that moment I constantly am asking myself how I can show up and serve on a higher level for whoever, however and whatever way they may need and I encourage you to do the same.

I Hope You Enjoy!

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